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    BFA. Ceramics | Dip.Ed

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    Journey with clay

    Belinda J Nailon

    Belinda currently resides in Castlemaine working as an artist in her private studio, she also Co-Directored/foundered the Upstairs 22 Gallery project and is a teacher at Studio Artemis in Melbourne several days a week.

    After living in London for 14 years and working in a variety mediums, Belinda has found her way back to clay, home and her passion for alchemy.

    Belinda has exhibited Nationally and Internationally. Her work is owned in private collections worldwide.


    My current works explore form, surface and balance from a meditative state. I practice presence, letting go of all of conditional thinking in order to experience a sense of spaciousness and purity in the process.


    It is in this state of freedom I feel the doorway to the creative field open. Flow begins, an unfettered wave builds, a motion which takes me on a journey from energy to physical expression. Using the Raku firing technique is a way to allow for the unknown to take form in matter.


    In the reduction chamber, form is embellished and a personality is forged. Every firing is a glimpse of something extraordinary and offers a way for the mind to transform.


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    The Awakening
    This "one of a kind" organic piece, is one of my favourites from my Dec 2018 collection. It has stunning reduction flashings of golds, silvers and warming reds with an under layer of ocean aqua. There are charming markings from the raw materials used in the firing process, which add a little story to the surface. The piece is non-functional Fine Art Ceramics, but could be used to hold dried out flowers etc. It is thrown on a pottery wheel and fired using the Raku process.
    All of my works are signed on the base and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.
    H: 170mm D: 110mm W: 110mm
    Coming soon
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