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Mind Grenade

Group Exhibition: open heART, open MIND 14th of Sep - 12 of Oct

My works are a response to the below Upstairs 22 Gallery presents Open heART, Open MIND, in recognition of mental health awareness day (10 October 2019). This is an exhibition based on Georges Braque's quote, "Art is a wound turned into light."
Artists -

Douglas Stewart, Connie Burns, Carley Harris and Belinda J Nailon

14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019

Exhibition Title: Mind Grenade


Raku firing


I initially began these works with the intention of exploring 2nd generation PTSD. My dad is a Vietnam war veteran and has suffered from PTSD his whole adult life. "Triggers" and psychological trauma filter down to the next generation, but instead of observing Dad's story, I decided to study my own personal (some inherited) 'mind grenades'.


In this collection, the grenades symbolise potential chaos. But if you get to them before the trigger is released, before they cause destruction, it is possible to transmute the fragile collection of pain and hurt into objects of abstract beauty (handle with care). The pieces are reminders of not to turn back and to seek a wider understanding of who I am. I find growth doesn't come from reliving my past, but by observing 'who' is perceiving the moment and allowing a broader level of consciousness to converge into my existence.

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