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Stable Grenade

Group Exhibition: open heART, open MIND 14th of Sep - 12 of Oct

My works are a response to the below Upstairs 22 Gallery presents Open heART, Open MIND, in recognition of mental health awareness day (10 October 2019). This is an exhibition based on Georges Braque's quote, "Art is a wound turned into light."
Artists -

Douglas Stewart, Connie Burns, Carley Harris and Belinda J Nailon

14/09/2019 - 11/10/2019

Exhibition Title: The Stable Grenade


Raku firing

These forms are loosely based on the Hand Grenades shapes from the Vietnam war. I choose this style because my father served in Vietnam.

The pieces are a physical paradoxical respresentation of the human psyche. Destructive and capable of deep compassion. Explosive and stable. Chaotic and ordered. Ugly and exquisite. My intention is for viewers to enjoy the beautiful Raku surface, but at the same time observe the shadow aspect of the vessel. The duality of own complex natures are often hidden with in the constructs of conformity.

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